1. What is the difference between Thai Traditional Massage and Thai Therapeutic Massage?
The Thai Traditional Massage is well known as a body relaxation massage that relieves stress, pain, increases in energy and improves blood circulation. It also stimulates the lymphatic system and encourages the release of toxins from the body. The Thai Therapeutic Massage only focuses on a problem area and related symptoms. It is best suited for the relief of severe pain, muscle tension and to improve rehabilitation after injury.


2. How often should I get a massage?
Depending on your body and needs, at least once a week is recommended for those with problems. Once a month is enough for those with no problems.


3. Do you offer sexual services of any kind?
No, we do not tolerate or appreciate any sexual advances and/or requests.


4. What should I wear?
A hygienic massage suit is provided to ensure that you are comfortable while receiving your massage.


5. What if I have any health conditions?
Any information is useful to our therapists to ensure that take special care while doing your massage. A health conditions form is provided prior to doing the massage.


6. Can I still come if I am pregnant?
Yes you can, we can still do a wide range of treatments including a foot massage, head massage or shoulder & neck massage.


7. There are so many treatments, how do I know which one to choose?
It is all about personal preference and needs. Some people really enjoy massage, while others would rather have a therapeutic massage. Our packages give you the opportunity to try several treatments in one visit. Please contact us to discuss the best options.

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