DermaFix Deep Cleanse (30 min R 360 / 60 min R 570)

Our Dermafix facial is perfect for oily/combination skin prone to break outs. It includes deep cleansing to clear clogged pores,allowing the products to penetrate and produce results.


Collagen Facial (60 min R 470)

Look your best and maintain your youthful appearance with our Thai Rejuvenating facial that helps with cell renewal and the first signs of aging.


Thai Gold Facial (60min R 500)

Try our Thai Gold facial packed with the best Thai ingredients in the skincare to provide a hydrating and rejuvenating feel while improveing texture and elasticity. A facial perfect for sensitive skins,with all the anti-aging benefits.


Nuskin Thai deep cleanse facial (60 min R 550)

Sensitive skin is skin that is sensitive to the external environment, such as air and the sun. This often cause dry, red ,itchy, burning rashes or blisters from the sun. With the Galvanic spa system we treat normal skin. your skin will improve from the first treatment and become stronger and healthier.


Ormedic Facial (60min R 550)

Our Image Ormedic facial is a luxury, highly effective skin care solution that only uses pure and all natural ingredients. With satisfying results it helps to target redness, sensitivity and breakouts. this facial will leave your skin rejuvenated, soft and moisturized.


Skin creamery facial (60 min R 490)

The skin creamery facial is a luxury, 100% organic, vegan skin care treatment designed for the Environmentally conscious. A tailor-made mask with a mixture of raw honey and coconut oil helps boost skin's condition and a combination of what the range has to offer will leave you skin feeling soft and nourished. Perfect for young and sensitive skins.


Image Deluxe facial (60 min R 690)

Settle for the best with our luxurious Image deluxe facial. the products is packed with the latest technology,suitable for all skin types.Our customized facial works at a cellular level to help diminidh fine lines, fade sun damage and increase hydration for a more youthful, radiant looking skin.

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