Body Treatments

Massage techniques are used to ease away the stress and strains caused by daily life. Muscle tensions in the neck and head will be eased, leaving you feeling exceptionally good, relaxed and invigorated.

30 min R 300 / 60 min R 530

Thai Reflexology
It is an ancient therapeutic procedure that provides relaxation, balance in the body’s various systems and healthy blood circulation. Thai foot massage is a treatment of the lower legs and feet.

30 min R 290 / 60 min R 510

SABAI SABAI Thai Foot Massage
Foot wash, scrub and massage. A massage to release tension in the feet, giving relief to tired feet and legs.

30 min R 280 / 60 min R 480 

WAAN JAI Gentle Body Massage
A Thai massage to release tension in your body, increasing vitality and to create wholeness of mind, body and spirit. It improves lymphatic flow and circulation. Relieves pain and muscle tension.

60 min R 500/ 90 min R 610 / 120 min R 790

Thai Lotus Hot Oil Massage
A massage that relaxes the muscles, irons out muscular tension, improves circulation and encourages body to detoxify with the use of Traditional Thai oils.

60 min R 500 / 90 min R 610 / 120 min R 790

Traditional Thai Massage
Also known as Thai Yoga Massage, no oil or cream is used. This massage uses acupressure, massage, passive assisted stretching and twisting movements to open the meridians (energy channels) for vigour, vitality, deep relaxation and relief of muscle tension. (No oil)

60 min R 500 / 90 min R 610 / 120 min R 790

Herbal Compress Thai Massage
This herbal therapy massage is designed to relieve muscular aches, pains and inflammation. A selection of therapeutic healing herbs are wrapped in a compress, steamed and then applied to the body in pressing, circular and rolling movements.

60 min R 580 / 90 min R 690 / 120 min R 840

Thai Hot Stone Massage
An indulging combination of massage and the use of smooth heated stones being applied to the key points of the body to relax tired and aching muscles.

60 min R 580 / 90 min R 690 / 120 min R 840

Thai Sport Massage
This deep pressure massage assists recovery from sport injuries, it is freeing lymph or blood vessel blockages, clearing away waste products and so reducing scarring and aiding healing.

60 min R 580 / 90 min R 690 / 120 min R 840

Thai Cellulite Massage
Our special coffee scrub blend helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, improves blood circulation and skin texture, making your skin feel tighter and firmer. It has been found that the acid in the coffee grounds can significantly support anti-inflammatory activity and skin wound healing. This is a delicious way to nourish and pamper your skin.

60 min R 700

Pregnancy Massage
Our therapists have received training to assist you with your pregnancy massage. Lotus oil massage for muscle tension, increasing vitality and relaxation.

60 min R 580

Coffee scrub 30 min R 330 / 45 min R 430
Body scrub 30 min R 250 / 45 min R 430

PS: Please refrain from making suggestive & unwanted comments of a sexual nature towards our staff. Thank you

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